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Types of authorized personnel only signs

Regardless of why you need to restrict accessibility to a certain area, sign retailers will be able to accommodate your needs. You can start here, with a brief overview of what authorized personnel signage is available. Below are six of the most common types.

All-purpose signs
All Purpose Signs
Generic signs fulfill most needs for entry prohibition. These signs are particularly appropriate if you do not need to recommend any kind of safety procedure for entry, or the reason for the restriction is obvious.
Bilingual signs
Bilingual Signs
Spanish speakers are on the rise in the United States, making bilingual signs a workplace necessity. Bilingual signs are crucial in areas where extreme caution is needed. Vital areas include construction sites or manufacturing plants, where electrocution or unstable materials pose risks to workers or passersby.
Health hazard signs
Health Hazard Signs
Frequently, areas must be restricted to authorized personnel because of the presence of health hazards. Whether a noxious gas or a dangerous chemical, it’s OSHA’s requirement that a sign is posted on the outside of the door to prevent dangerous exposure.

Safety signs
Safety Signs
For locations with hidden dangers, such as confined spaces, safety signs alert workers of the potential hazards. Pictograms help instantly convey these crucial messages, providing universal visual information that eliminates the risk of a language barrier.
Employees only sign
Employees Only Signs
Employees only signs are commonly used to restrict access in service industries like hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks. Posting a sign like this can keep bathroom-seeking customers from accidentally wandering into a kitchen or stockroom.
ANSI signs
ANSI Signs
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) signs are recognizable by nearly everyone in the manufacturing or construction industry, warning about the biohazards, high voltage, and even wet floors. These signs all follow the same format: black outline with a heading, a graphic, and an explanation of the hazard.