More than just a safety feature.

Authorized personnel signs protect your product, minimizing tampering with delicate machinery and materials. They protect your employees, clarifying what areas require special safety equipment or permits. They protect your clients, providing direction and privacy. They protect your business, complying with national standards and maintaining your facility’s professional polish.

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The potential reasons for restricting access to your property could fill volumes. Perhaps you need to prevent the public from entering unsafe construction areas. You may provide special privacy for VIP patrons of your business. You may want to usher visitors away from your restaurant’s kitchen. Or you simply require a secluded area to protect your assets. Whether your needs concern safety, privacy, or health, authorized personnel only signs can help keep your facility secure.

Authorized personnel only signs can be purchased premade or customized for any situation. As your needs have changed — from days of tree houses and "No Adults Allowed!" to "Employees Only" — signs evolve along with you. They can be light-hearted, a funny sign on a dorm door, or gravely serious, warning passersby of chemical or mechanical hazards.

In these pages, you'll learn about these signs and their uses, as well as other means for restricting access. You can read about the relationship between area access and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Most importantly, you'll learn how to utilize the simple, affordable, and flexible solution of signage to keep your workplace secure.